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10.16 - 10.22 

Whispering Vine Barrel Select

 Old Forester 

 Single Barrel 


As week creep further and further towards winter, now is the time to fill your coffers with delicious bourbon! Why not stock up on our exclusive Old Forester Single Barrel? Our team tasted a wide selection of single barrel variations of Old Forester to find the one that screamed Whispering Vine. This smooth yet spicy bourbon has light soft caramel and vanilla notes and the beginning, with a bold kick at the end. Notes of clove and cinnamon linger on your palate telling you its more than ok for another sip. This bottle of Old Forester is exclusive to Whispering Vine and when its gone its gone for good so stock up now for the holidays.


6886 Mayberry Landing

85 Foothill Road

4201 W. 4th Street